Dual AT200



Length –  193cm
Loading Wheel Width –  58cm
Max Width (arm sides out) –  89cm
Height (mattress) –  78cm
(inc foot stop) –  92cm
Min Height –  27cm
Loading Wheel Height –  59cm
Weight – 31kg
Max Load – 318kg


The side arms lock into four positions:

Upright – Providing containment
45 degree – Improved containment
Flat – Gives extra surface area
Down – Allows easy body transfer


Mattress, 3 Straps, 2 Soft Polyester Body Covers (1 Standard Size & 1 Extra Large)

Multilevel XL300

Product Description

The Multilevel XL300 Stretcher has been designed to carry out safe and dignified transfer of larger bodies. The fold down locking sides greatly increase surface area allowing body mass to be contained. This stretcher can also be fitted with our easy-out system which eliminates the need to lift when exiting your vehicle. The XL300 also benefits from our roll in roll out system allowing it to fit into small lifts in an upended position without the operator having to take the weight. 

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Multi Level

Bariatric Ready

Locking side-arms

318Kg capacity

Antibacterial Upgrades